The school uniform is compulsory on all school days and at all school functions. Pupil with incomplete uniform will not be allowed in the class. Pupils should come to the school neat and clean.


  • Pupil must be punctual for class on every working day. No pupil should absent himself/herself without submitting a leave letter. No absentee or late comer should enter the class without written permission of the Principal.
  • All pupils must be present on the rst and the last working day of each term.
  • Continued absence without a leave letter for a week shall be considered as withdrawal of the pupil from the school and his/her name will be struck off from the register.
  • The pupil will be dismissed from the school for any of the following misbehaviour; irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of work, disobedience, disrespect to the staff, bad moral inuence upon other children, copying in the examinations, tempering with the school record having drugs, kanjas, drinks and mobile phones. Pupil are responsible for their conduct inside and outside of the school.
  • The pupil who does not bring the correct text books will be asked to leave the class. Students should take good care of book issued to them from the class and school libraries. Any loss or damage to the books will have to be compensated. Pupil themselves are responsible for the safety of their own books, pens, watches, tifn carriers or any other articles which they bring to the school.