Education emancipates, purifies thought and transforms a common man into  a refined and noble being.  Anne Marie Javouhey the  Foundress  of the sisters of St.Joseph of Cluny congregation, a visionary full of zeal and zest dedicated to the mission of liberating women across the globe , sent her sisters, as  ambassadors of peace and freedom to various countries . The Cluny sisters ,who landed on the Indian soil 193 years ago embarked on a missionary career of uplifting the poor and empowering women through the invincible weapon of education.

St.Joseph’s Mat. Hr.Sec. School witnessed  its foundation in the year 1958 with a single  student, Norah. The  school then grew in leaps and bounds to attain the present stature. St.Joseph ,the patron  saint, has been greatly faithful and  benevolent in protecting and shepherding the earnest and innocent minds entrusted to his care.